How to Get Blue Scarves

This is currently a de-centralized movement. We encourage you to go to your local fabric store and buy yards of fabric (jersey knit recommended) in a color that matches the expansive blue sky (extra points for organic).

The color is very important. It should be cyan or turquoise (without the green).

Turning this fabric into scarves is a terrific volunteer opportunity for many. Cut the fabric into trips measuring approximately 6 feet long (1.8 meters) by approximately 10 inches wide (25 centimeters).

To flex your generosity and put more love into the world, help distribute these scarves widely. Be sure to pass them out with love so that people understand their simple message and carry respect for them.

Blue Bracelets

Some people may prefer to wear small pieces of this same sky-colored blue cloth tied around their wrist as a bracelet. Though not as visually bold, this conveys the same meaning. Go for it!


Challenge 2:
I "Heart" Blue Scarves

We are looking for photos featuring smiling people wearing Blue Scarves or Blue Bracelets (made of blue cloth) while making a heart symbol with your hands over your chest. We'd like to feature these pictures in our campaigns and on our videos. Send us your photo!