The Blue Scarf Movement

The Blue Scarf has been carried forward by different people and groups - each with their own unique perspectives. As a universal symbol, the Blue Scarf transcends any particular group or interpretation.

In 2008, a small group of brave women from a group called RAWA gathered in war-torn Khandahar wearing Blue Scarves to publicly pray for peace and justice in Afghanistan. A suprising 1500 more brave women joined them to begin the Blue Scarf movement.

In 2009, thousands more women joined the movement with organizing help from Unifem.

In 2011, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers walked alongside the women, turning the Blue Scarf events into a collective movement.

When folks from The Simple Way started passing out blue scarves at their events, a global movement was born.

Blue scarves were brought back from Afghanistan and distributed by peace delegates from Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

And the folks at Friends Without Borders began putting the pieces together.

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